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The Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority initiates a number of criminal cases





An official source in the Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority stated that the Authority initiated a number of criminal cases recently, and legal procedures against the accused are underway. 


Most prominent of which are as follow:

The first case: the arrest of (3) Royal Guard officers (retired major general, colonel, and lieutenant colonel) who work in the contracts and procurement department, (21) businessmen and an expatriate of Arab nationality. The officers were arrested for awarding tenders to companies belonging to them and their acquaintances, which violates the government procurement and tenders law, and manipulating quantities and illegally disbursing sums of money to those companies, and using their relatives to obtain money and purchase real estate inside and outside the Kingdom with the aim of not disclosing the sources of those sums. The confiscated sums from these crimes have reached so far, an amount of (400,000,000) four hundred million riyals, whilst investigations are still ongoing with the parties involved.
The second case: the arrest of an employee at the Royal Court who previously worked in the Lands and Grants Department, and two citizens (intermediaries), as the first finalized the procedures of (79) royal grants for citizens in return for receiving cash from them through intermediaries. The total amount he received reached up to (2,185,000) Two million one hundred eighty five thousand riyals.


The Authority affirms on the continuation to pursue anyone who exploits the public office to achieve personal gain or harm the public interest in any way possible, and that it will apply what the law rules against the violators with zero tolerance.​