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In cooperation with its partners, Nazaha announces the launch of the third phase of its awareness program, "Watanona Amanah"


The Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority launched (Nazaha), in cooperation with its partners in the public and private sectors, launched the third phase of the Watanona Amanah program for the year 2021, under the slogan Towards an Effective Partnership to Promote Integrity.

The program aims to achieve a set of awareness and educational aims to protect integrity, promote the principle of transparency and accountability, and combat corruption, in accordance with the efforts made by the authority to achieve the aims of the Kingdom's Vision 2030, which emphasized zero tolerance with financial and administrative corruption at all levels.

Nazaha appreciates the efforts made by the entities in the two sectors during the stages of the program, hoping that they will continue in this phase in order to achieve the desired aims.​

It is worth noting that the "Watanona Amanah" program comes as a continuation of the awareness and educational efforts that Nazaha made with the regions in the first and in the second phase, which targeted a number of government entities which services are a priority for citizens through their branches in the regions of the Kingdom; to implement the pioneering national initiatives program in the Authority's strategic approaches project, which stems out from the importance of its continuous development and its work, including the development of the (Watanona Amanaha) initiative in government entities, in order to achieve the objectives of the National Strategy for the Maintaining Integrity and Combating Corruption, and the Kingdom's Vision 2030.