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The Control and Anti-Corruption Authority initiates a number of criminal cases


The Control and Anti-Corruption Authority initiated (117) financial and administrative corruption cases during the blessed month of Ramadan of this year 2020, and among these cases:

First case: two employees of one of the security companies exploited the state support for private sector companies and employees - affected by Corona virus pandemic - and the (60%) coverage of their Saudi citizens salaries, where they participated in the registration of a number of the company's employees in the Saned unemployment insurance program and entering data contrary to the truth in exchange for them getting (50%) of the support provided to each employee, and added on that the company continues to pay their salaries in full, and they were investigated with and their referral is underway to the competent court.

Second case: an employee of the Ministry of Tourism violated his job duties and received financial amounts (bribes) in partnership with thirteen people in exchange for following the procedures for awarding lease contracts for a number of hotels in Jeddah which the government is renting to provide housing service for citizens returning from abroad to spend the quarantine period. They went under investigation and their referral is underway to the competent court.

Third case: (3) workers in the private sector were involved in offering a bribe to some employees of the Ministry of Health to violate their job duties in lease contracts for the ministry to provide quarantine in hotels, and they were arrested and investigated with. Their referral is underway to the competent court.

Fourth case: Five people, including two employees of the General Authority of Zakat and Tax, were involved in bribe incidents through an employee obtaining bribes from three people working in two accounting, auditing, and tax & zakat consultancy offices in exchange for preparing interceptive notes to reduce tax bills on several companies. The value of one of these bills exceeded (30) million riyals, and the other employee of the Tax & Zakat Authority followed up on the beneficiaries' transactions in exchange for receiving sums of money (bribery), and they were arrested and investigated with. Their referral is underway to the competent court.

Fifth case: One lawyer, three administrators of the Public Prosecution, and a security man in the General Directorate of Prisons were involved in (bribes) through this lawyer who exploited his work previously as a member of the Public Prosecution provided bribes to two of its administrators in exchange for providing him with some information and documents pertaining to some cases, in exchange, for directing the defendants to his office to hire him in these cases. He also requested nepotism from another administrator in the Public Prosecution and from a security man who works as a case warden in a prison for the purpose of providing him with some documents and information pertaining to some of the defendants. They have been arrested and investigated with, and their referral is underway to the competent court.

Sixth Case: Two people have submitted a sum of money as a bribe to an employee of the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, and in exchange for illegally issuing a commercial license, and they were apprehended red handed, and the legal procedures against them are underway.

The Authority affirms on the continuation to pursue anyone who exploits the public office to achieve personal gain or harm the public interest in any way possible, and that it is continuing to hold the negligent parties accountable and apply what the law rules against them.

The Authority also appreciates the efforts of government entities in fighting financial and administrative corruption and the development of policies and procedures that promotes speedy achievements and that shuts any inlets for corruption, and the Authority commends the cooperation of everyone in reporting through its available channels to receive reports, including the toll free number (980) for any practices involving financial or administrative corruption that would undermine the efforts of the government to support and promote the path of comprehensive development. The Authority also extends its thanks and appreciation to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and HRH the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz - may Allah protect them - for the unlimited support and continuous directives in exercising its jurisdiction and performing its tasks in fighting financial and administrative corruption in all its forms and manifestations.​