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Nazaha: investigations in Abha on a case of overestimation of 211 Million riyals


the National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha) revealed a number of administrative and financial irregularities and abuse of public funds in the estimation of expropriation of a land worth (211,000,000) Riyal to construct a road in the city of Abha. Nazaha referred this case to the Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution for further investigation and report back to the Commission.
The spokesman of Nazaha Abdulrahman Al-Ajlan said that the commission received a report of an overestimation of the price of compensation for a part of an agricultural land for a project of constructing a road in Abha. The commission found out after a site visit that there were a number of irregularities which lead to an overestimation in the price of the compensation.
Al-Ajlan explained that Nazaha noticed there were discrepancies in the lengths of the land in the instrument which belongs to the citizen since 15/7/1431 H and on the original document which dates back to 1397 H. The legal instrument of the land was issued after the start of the second phase of the project where the site was submitted to the contractor in 10/7/1430 H pointing out that the Road and Transportation Department in Asir region did not have any objection to the amendment of lengths and spaces instead continued the process of making the inventory and compensation.
Al-Ajlan added that Nazaha noticed an overestimation from the second committee of estimations which was constructed by a number of government entities in estimating the value of this land at 3000 riyals per square meter, which is an increase of about (46) times the original purchase price in 15/7/1431 at (65) riyals per square meter.
Al-Ajlan pointed out that what happened was an exaggeration in the estimation of prices, it does not exonerate them from this responsibility and it does not maintain public funds which is considered as a violation of an of the royal decree which states that estimations should be fair and according to standard pricing and that committees should be responsible and maintain public funds.
He added that Nazaha based on its regulation which states to refer any corruption irregularities to control entities and that the commission has the right to follow up on these cases and report back to it by control entities of the results of investigations. The commission sent to Emirate of Asir and concerned entities of a copy of the letter addressed to the Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution , which included taking precautionary measures and to take required measures for disciplining the employees.
In conclusion the spokesman said that Nazaha is stressing on the principle of transparency, protecting integrity and fighting corruption in all its forms, in accordance with its national strategy for protecting integrity and fighting corruption, and its regulation. He also stressed on  the importance of the cooperation with the commission by all citizens and residents in reporting any case of financial or administrative corruption on the means it provided for reporting. The commission would like also to thank all government entities that cooperate with it in its endeavor.