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Imprisonment and fines for (4) employees in Al-Baha University


The Court of Appeal in Jeddah upheld the ruling by the Administrative Court in Al-Baha region in which it convicted (4) employees in Al-Baha University for counterfeiting , administrative abuse and misuse of position. They issued forged certificates of experience and contracts for a number of employees. They also provided jobs for their relatives in the university in an illegal way. 
The spokesman of Nazaha Abdulrahman Al-Ajlan said that the commission received a report from a citizen that this university is employing people without them actually working in the university and without any legal contracts.
Al-Ajlan added that Nazaha investigated this case and it found out that the university had already contacted the Bureau of investigation and Prosecution regarding these irregularities which pleaded them in court. Nazaha informed the public about the ruling of the Administrative Court of Appeal which upheld the ruling of the Administrative Court in Al-Baha that sentenced the four convicted to imprisonment and a fine for what they did.
In conclusion the spokesman said that Nazaha is stressing on the principle of transparency, protecting integrity and fighting corruption in all its forms, in accordance with its national strategy for protecting integrity and fighting corruption, and its regulation. He also stressed on  the importance of the cooperation with the commission by all citizens and residents in reporting any case of financial or administrative corruption on the means it provided for reporting. The commission would like also to thank all government entities that cooperate with it in its endeavor.