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"Nazaha" observes some remarks on the Riyadh-Abha Road


​An official source in Nazaha reported that the Commission followed up on what was published in one of the local newspapers about the low quality level of the Riyadh-Abha road, and the commission appointed one of its engineers to look into the Roads status. and found out after observation that there are some holes in the Asphalt layer in many areas of the Road, particularly the part near Abha City, there was also a falling in the right lane in other parts of the Road. Also, there were curves and splits in other parts of the road, particularly in its middle part, and there were some other parts of the road that have no warning ground signs (Cat Aye reflector), and damages in some of the current ones, and an erode of the roads yellow dashed in many parts of the road. Also, there were stacks of sand around the middle island near Riyadh City without removal, and a number of u turn openings that were not asphalted, and some intersections and u turn openings lack safety planning. In addition to the shortage of warning and guiding signs, and the damage of some other existing ones, and there were a number of bridges that are being constructed, which the constructions works have stopped. The Commission has asked the Ministry of Transportation to repair these mentioned remarks as quickly as possible to insure the safety of the drivers, and to notify the Commission with what will be done, and the reasons behind the bridges constructional delays.