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"Nazaha" discovers that a doctor received two scholarships at the same time


​An official source in The National Anti-Corruption Commission "Nazaha" reported that a doctor working in the Military Forces Hospital in Riyadh, presented a data that is not accurate, which resulted in his reception of two scholarships from two governmental entities, in which he received the advantages regularly stated from the two entities, and the source also added, that the concerned doctor received the two scholarships of the Master's Degree in one of the European Countries (the First) by the hospital he works in, and (the second) by the Custodian of the two holy mosques Program for Scholarships, under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education, and received the allocations of the two scholarships, such as salaries, tickets, and others, Unlawfully, and he signed a written declaration within the Ministry of Higher Education declaring falsely that he is not employed in any governmental or private entity, and that he does not have a scholarship from any other entity, and accordingly, the decision was issued to join the Program, and a decision was also issued from his work to grant him a two year holiday in order to study, in the same country he got the scholarship too, and as a result, he received the financial advantages of the two scholarships.
The official source concluded that the Commission has referred the case to the Control and Investigation board, and to oblige him to return the financial allocations he received Unlawfully, and to inform the Commission of the results.