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Workshop held by (NAZAHA) (Concepts of corruption and the role of the educational institutes in promoting integrity)


​A workshop will be held in prince sultan Bin Abdullaziz University (PSU), on Monday 1434/4/15 H corresponding 25/February/2013, Entitled (Concepts of corruption and the role of the educational institutes in promoting integrity), in a cooperation between the University and the National Anti-Corruption Commission, within the educational and awareness programs held by the Commission, that aims to promote positive values in the hearts of the youth, and build substantial methods which deal with the outcomes of corruption and its threat on the society and the sustainable development in the country. Participating in this workshop are elite academics and educators from the Ministry of Higher Education and Universities.
The workshop will focus on the concepts and the priorities of the National Strategy for Maintaining Integrity and Combating Corruption issued by the council of Ministers resolution No.43 Dated 1428/2/1 H, which contained therein, urging the educational institutes to put vocabularies in their curriculums, and hold awareness and educational programs on maintaining integrity, honesty and combating corruption on a regular basis, and all that would increase the public's awareness, in addition to promoting the positive behavior and increase the religious faith. The workshop will stress on the educational role in general and in planting the virtuous values and Nobel meanings in the hearts of children, to prepare them to be law abiding citizens and to preserve their personal and general property, and to fulfill their responsibilities to the fullest, in a manner that preserves the development of the country.
And there's no doubt that these workshops and seminars help build strong relationships between the Commission and its partners in the field from governmental institutions wither they were educational or service entities.