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"NAZAHA"receives a message from his Excellency the Secretary-General of the United Nations regarding the Kingdom's ratification on the International Convention


The National Anti-Corruption Commission "NAZAHA" has received a message from his Excellency the Secretary-General of the United Nations, which confirms the depositary of  the Kingdom's instrument of ratification on the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, on 29/4/2013 A.D corresponding 19/6/1434H, and that the Convention will enter into force for the Kingdom within a month from the depository date, in accordance to Paragraph (2) of Article (68) of the National Anti-Corruption Convention.
 What's noteworthy, is that the Kingdom has ratified on the Convention in accordance to the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (62) dated 2/3/1434H, which states the approval of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption. On his part, the President of the National Anti-Corruption Commission Mr.Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al-Shareef said: That this important   procedure, that will enhance the international cooperation to combat corruption, and unify the efforts in the development of the necessary preventive measures to reduce the spread of it, is the procedure that it's Organizing Statute has Stated upon, to follow-up on all the commitments stated in the convention with the concerned governmental entities, stressing at the same time on the importance of the civil society components, and the need of it's active participation  -individuals and institutions- in the efforts made to Maintain Integrity and Combat Corruption, He also added, that the Commission will continue to follow-up on the implementation of the remaining obligations set out by the Convention on the signatory countries, whether these obligations are in the Commission's area of specialties or in the specialties of any of the concerned governmental entities.