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NAZAHA reveals the poor quality of health services in AL NOOR hospital in Makah


​An official source from The National Anti-Corruption Commission NAZAHA said that, the Commission received a report from one of the citizens, regarding several violations in Al Noor hospital in Makah, and due to its specialties, the Commission appointed one of its representatives to look into these allegations; to verify what was stated in the report, and it became clear that the hospitals entrance was very crowded with patients cars  due to the lack of parking space, in addition to the lack of  traffic coordinators, and the emergency section was very crowded too, so some patients had to wait for a long period of time, as 56 patients were in the waiting list, despite the fact that there were vacant beds, and it was noticed that some patients were smoking in the inpatient rooms, without giving any attention to the hospitals regulations, and the other patients wellbeing.
 The source also added that there was a shortage in the  medical staff on all levels, as according to a report released from the hospital, the emergency section received proximately (41) thousand patients in two months for the year 1433 A.H, 2012.
The source concluded his statement by stating that the Commission addressed the ministry of health, in order to look into the irregularities that were noticed,  and Briefing The Commission to what to be made.