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The International Anti-Corruption Academy in Austria praises the Kingdom's accession to it's membership


​The International Anti-Corruption Academy in Austria praised the Kingdom's recent accession to it's membership, which became through this accession as one of the founding members of the Academy, as an international organization.
 What's noteworthy, that this accession is based on the council of ministers resolution in its session dated 22/4/1434H corresponding 5/3/2013 to approve the Kingdoms accession to the convention of establishing the International Anti-corruption Academy as an international organization, and based on what the President of the National Anti-Corruption Commission has submitted, and this is a considered to be a positive step towards enhancing the international cooperation and the exchange of expertise and knowledge in the field of combating corruption.
 The International Anti-Corruption Academy seeks to provide and facilitate education and training for workers and practitioners in the field of combating corruption from all around the world, in addition to providing researches and studies, establishing forums for discussions and communications ,and it's goal is to gather specialists in the field of combating corruption, to help them develop strategies and methods to combat corruption, and to promote for a wider knowledge on the reasons for the spread of corruption and ways to combat it.