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A new group from NAZAHA Employees swore the professional oath


​A number of NAZAHA Employees swore their professional oath on Wednesday morning corresponding 27/2/1434A.H 2013/1/9 in front of H.E. Mr. Mohammad Bin Abdullah AL Sharif, in attendance of HE The Vice-President for Combating Corruption Mr. Osama Bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabea and a number of the Authority officials, as they constitute the (22th) batch who swore the oath.
This order shall come into force in correspondence with what was stated within the commission's organizing Statute , article ten, stating that the Commissions employees swear the professional oath directly before starting their duties ,that reads as follow "I swear by almighty god, that I will do my job duties honestly, faithfully and impartially, and not to disclose any information I acquire due to my work within the Commission, even after breaking my relations with it", and those employees presented their Financial Disclosure imposed upon all the Commission's Employees who are directing its terms of reference, according to its regulations, in addition to their commitment with other conditions stated in the Commission's Organizing Status including that its employees should be characterized with Wisdom, Honesty, Integrity and Neutrality, and not to be convicted of any convections involving moral or honesty turpitude.
Al Sharif from his side has expressed his pleasure with this occasion, assuring that the employees who sworn the Oath today became official employees within the Commission after fulfilling the conditions stated in the Commissions regulations, and after they have proved their readiness for bearing the responsibilities of working in the Commission, and he asked Allah Almighty to crown their efforts with success.
And the employees, whom have sworn the Oath Wednesday morning, have expressed their pleasure, honor and pride to join the Commission, asking Allah to be worthy of the trust granted to them.