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Nazaha president Praises the Kingdoms Approval of the United Nations Convention against Corruption


​The president of Nazaha (The National Anti-Corruption Commission), Mr. Mohammed Bin Abdullah Alsharif, stated upon the importance of the Kingdoms Approval of the United Nations Convention against Corruption, by the Council of Ministers order issued last Monday, and the Royal Decree that will be issued in that relevant. "the approval came after the fulfillment with the most important obligations stated in the Convention upon its concerned parties, from which the most important is the issuance of the National Strategy for Maintaining Integrity and Combating Corruption, the establishment of The National Anti-Corruption Commission, the issuance of many regulation in that field such as (Anti-Money Laundering Regulation, Competition and Governmental Procurement Regulation, Board of Grievances Regulation – Administrative Court – Capital Market Regulation, and Human Rights Commission Regulation) in addition to the current studies of the regulations project related to that, such as (the Protection of Public Funds Bill, the preparation of Financial Disclosure Measures, the Career Oath, for some particular employees in the Government)".
"The convention contains seventy one article, and the most important of which, is the Sixth Article which stated upon (the establishment of The National Anti-corruption Commission), and the Thirteenth Article which contained (the encouragement of the Civil Societies participation in combating corruption), and the third chapter containment of articles that criminalize Bribery, Trading in Influence, Abuse of Power, embezzlement, Unjust Enrichment, Protection of Witnesses and Whistleblowers" he added. "the Kingdom  participated in drafting the convention items, and its delay in its approval came as a result of the Kingdom's keenness to fulfill the obligations stated in it" he pointed out. "at the same time, The National Anti-Corruption Commission, -which decree of establishment came as an execution of some of the conventions Articles-, will follow up the implementation of the remained obligations with the concerned entities", and assuring the importance of the Civil Societies participation, with its members and institutions, in the efforts excreted for Maintaining Integrity, Promoting Transparency and Combating Corruption. in addition "that the conventions objectives, and the fulfillment of its obligations will be achieved with will and determination, and based upon cooperation with the Governmental Entities concerned with the fulfillment of these obligations, with his appreciation of the efforts excreted from all the entities whom participated in studying this Convention, and in the fulfillment of its approval requirements, at the forefront of which, the Council of Ministers, the General Committee of the Council, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Interior, the bureau of Experts, and all the entities whom participated in that.