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(NAZAHA) reveals the worn-out condition of Al-samer health center in Jeddah


​An official from the National Anti-Corruption Commission stated that the Commission received a complaint from one of the citizens regarding the bad condition of the Samer health center in Jeddah, and according to the Commissions specialties, NAZAHA appointed one of its representatives to look into these allegations, and it was clear that the center was in a very tight place with no parking space, no instruction signs that lead to the centers location, the building is worn out, there are no safety measures, most of the equipment's are old and some of them don’t work. The source also added that the center receives large numbers of  patients due to its location that serves 10 districts in east Jeddah, and even so, the quantity of the staff are low.
 The source also revealed that the Commission asked the ministry of health to investigate in the reasons that led to the centers condition, and to punish who is responsible, and to reconsider repairing it, either by transferring to governmental owned building or by renting one with a good shape, and keep the Commission posted.