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"NAZAHA" gives the first encouraging rewards batch to the whistleblowers on corruption cases


​An official from the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NAZAHA) announced that the Commission handed encouraging rewards to a number of corruption whistleblowers, after it was clear to the Commission, after investigations, that trier reports were true.
  The source added, that a number of the whistleblowers refused to take their encouraging rewards, by ensuring that their intentions on reporting was the desire to eliminate corruption, and what they did is a duty to every citizen, and an obligation to their homeland.
The source stated, that the Commission gave encouraging rewards as according to what was stated in its organizing statute.
stressing that the Commission is going to continue on revising the reports in which she receives, and verify it, in order to identify the names of the whistleblowers and their owed rewards.
The source concluded his statement, that the Commission would like to thank the whistleblowers and hope that their cooperation with the Commission continues through the provided communications channels, to accomplish together the Commissions slogan (Together Against Corruption).