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​A contract between (NAZAHA) and (King Abdullah Institute for Research and Consulting Studies) To prepare a study entitled: "Financial and administrative corruption in the Kingdom: it's degree, it's cause, it's impact, and ways to treat and control it"


The contract will be signed by His Excellency The President of The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NAZAHA)/ Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al-Shareef, and His Excellency the President of King Saud University/ Badran Abdullrahm Al-Omar, in NAZAHA`s headquarters on Wednesday 12/7/1434 A.H Corresponding 22/5/2013 A.D.
 This move comes in The National Anti-Corruption Commission's  (NAZAHA) bid to (conduct research and studies on maintaining integrity and combating corruption, so as to know the origins and sources of corruption and the appropriate ways to combat it and to enhance the principles of integrity and the values of honesty) in the society.
The signing of this contract came in accordance to the National Strategy for Maintaining Integrity and Combating Corruption's Strategy, issued by the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 43, 1 Safar A.H, which stated in paragraph (c) of (Third: Means) " Implementing and supporting the in-depth studies and researches associated with Protecting Integrity and Combating Corruption" and pursuant to Article three of the Commission's Organizing Statute (Paragraph 15) whish stated upon supporting the researches and studies’ procedures relating to protecting integrity and combating corruption, along with urging the authorities and specialized research centers to contribute to that.