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Nazaha: Misuse of Positions, Fines and Imprisonment in the Emirate Asir and Saudi Airlines


The Court of Appeal issued a ruling in support of the ruling of the administrative court in Abha for the conviction of an employee in the Emirate of Asir region, and a pilot in the Saudi Arabian Airlines in every charge of forgery and misuse of position they were accused of, punishing the first for a year and a half and a fine of 10 thousands Riyals, and punishing the latter for a year in prison and fine of 10 thousands Riyals.
The spokesman of Nazaha Abdulrahman Al-Ajlan said that Nazaha received a report from a citizen citing that an employee in the Emirate of Asir has done some administrative abuses including having a business and exploiting his position in the Emirate and that he was referred previously to the Board of Investigation and Prosecution in Asir region.
Al-Ajlan added that the Board of Investigation and Prosecution included the second suspect to the case after discovering evidence of his involvement with the main suspect in these charges. The commission based on its jurisdiction referred this case to control and investigation authorities, also the cooperation between control authorities with the commission in order to achieve an integral role in the process of protecting integrity and fighting corruption.
In conclusion Al-Ajlan said that Nazah is stressing on the principle of transparency, protecting integrity and fighting corruption in all its forms, in accordance with its national strategy for protecting integrity and fighting corruption, and its regulation. Al-Ajlan also stressed on  the importance of the cooperation with the commission by all citizens and residents in reporting any case of financial or administrative corruption on the means it provided for reporting. The commission would like also to thank all government entities that cooperate with it in fighting corruption.