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Nazaha follows up on the recovery of 30 Million Riyals from influential people in Tabrjal after their imprisonment


Nazaha received the results of investigations and trial from Emirate of Al Jawf and the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution, regarding expropriation cases for the ring road in Tabrjal province of manipulation of influential people and some employees in some government entities related to instruments to establish the road for the Ministry of Transportation. They were charged with bribery, fraud, abuse of power and dissipation of public funds, following a complaint received by the administrative investigation in Al Jawf region which referred the case to the Bureau of Investigation and public prosecution which investigated the case and referred it to the administrative court in Skaka which issued against them rulings of imprisonment and fines, also obliged them to return what they took to the public treasury.
Spokesman of Nazaha Abdulrahman Al-Ajlan said that Nazaha contacted related entities to return the remaining money. He added that Nazaha emphasizes on the principle of transparency  and fighting corruption. Nazaha calls upon everyone to cooperate and report any suspicious act of corruption  according to the methods of reporting provided by the commission.  Nazaha Also thanks all entities for their cooperation.