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Director of Sabia Hospital is fired when he prevented a representative of Nazaha from doing his investigations


“A decision was issued by competent entities to fire the director of Sabia’s General Hospital  in Jazan, following a request made by Nazaha to investigate an incident of not making its representative to investigate health services insufficiency in the hospital” said Nazaha spokesman Abdulrahman Al-Ajlan.
Al-Ajlan stated that Nazaha asked competent entities to conduct a thorough investigation on detaining a Nazaha’s representative by the director of the hospital in his office, and ordering two of the security guards to not allow him to leave accusing him of impersonating a representative of Nazaha, despite of him showing his official Nazaha ID card.
What happened from the director of this hospital is a violation of the royal decree which states that all entities under the jurisdiction of the Commission should adhere to what Nazaha asks for and let their employees do their job.