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The National Anti-Corruption Commission detects financial embezzlements


“The National Anti-Corruption Commission with the cooperation of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency detected financial embezzlements made by some employees in one of the branches of Alahli Bank in Riyadh” said Nazaha spokesman Abdul Rahman Al-Ajlan .
Al-Ajlan stated that After identifying those responsible of such abuses, they were referred to the judicial bodies, where legal actions were taking against them and referred them for interrogation then to trial. The main suspect which was one of the senior officials in that branch was sentenced to six years in prison. The other four suspects were also sentenced to prison from two to four years. Al-Ajlan added that Nazaha commends the efforts of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency and hopes that everyone cooperate with it in fighting corruption. Also to report any suspicious act of corruption according to the methods of reporting provided by the commission.
It is worth noting that Nazaha has the right to investigate financial and administrative corruption in all government entities and companies which the state owns not less than 25% of their capital.