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Nazaha organized a workshop on the risks of corruption in the procedures of health insurance and professions


The National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha), held a workshop entitled: The Risks of Corruption in the Procedures of Health Insurance and Professions, Monday, May 7th 2018 in Riyadh.
The workshop program included a number of topics including the risks of corruption in the insurance procedures and professions, reasons for the emergence of these risks, the role of the related entities in developing procedures to reduce the effectiveness of corruption, possible risks and ways to deal with them, and best governance practices. 
This workshop aims at identifying the reality and challenges of the insurance sector and health professions and ways of developing them to enhance integrity and reduce the risks of corruption, targeting health professionals and insurance companies.
This workshop comes within the framework of the implementation of the national strategy for maintaining integrity and fighting corruption, in addition to the statute of Nazaha which includes holding conferences, seminars and training courses on transparency, integrity and fighting corruption.