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Nazaha holds specialized workshops accompanying Nazaha's third International Conference


Specialized workshops accompanying the 3rd International Nazaha Conference, organized by the National Anti-Corruption Commission, will be held on the 4th – 5th of April 2018, entitled "Protecting Integrity and Fighting Corruption in Privatization Programs", under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, in Rafal Kempinski Hotel in Riyadh.
Nazaha will hold three workshops specialized in the field of the protection of integrity and fighting corruption. The first is: the risks of privatization and fighting corruption. It aims to discuss the risks, and ways to deal with them through a number of topics including; examine the relationship between privatization and corruption from the perspective of public opinion, the effects of corruption on economic reform programs, and how corruption affects the prices of privatized assets, presented by Dr. Christopher McKee, Chief Executive at The PRS Group.
The second workshop entitled (Strengthening research and studies in the field of protection of integrity and fighting corruption). It discusses a number of topics including Role of research and studies in fighting corruption, best scientific methods used in the analysis of the causes of corruption and methods of dealing with it, and future visions of academic and research entities in the field of protection of integrity and fighting corruption. The workshop is presented by Prof. Berhanu Mengistu, University of Old Dominion, and Prof. Seid Hassan, Murray State University.
Workshops conclude with a workshop entitled: Applying Compliance in the private sector, which aims at discussing ways of implementing compliance and functional commitment, through a number of topics including: reviewing experiences in applying compliance, procedures and mechanisms to promote compliance, and proposing a number of future visions. This worksop is presented by General Manager of Internal Audit Department at the Capital Market Authority,Mr. Dhari alshimmery, Mr. Amir Mughram Alhoutan, Director of MegaProjects Audit Department at Saudi Aramco, Prof. Bruce McAllister, General Counsel, Global Growth Organization (GGO) for General Electric Company (GE), Mr. Mohammed Noaman, GE Global Growth & Operations, Senior Counsel.
Nazaha invites those interested to attend and register in the conference through: (