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Nazaha holds a workshop with municipal councils to activate their role in monitoring the quality of project implementation


The National Anti-Corruption Commission held a workshop entitled: "Discussing Cooperation aspects in Supporting the Role of Municipal Councils in Monitoring the Quality of Project Implementation", in cooperation with the Municipal Councils, on Monday 25 December 2017,  in Riyadh.
The workshop program included a number of subjects which included the municipal council's monitoring of the performance of the municipality through reports, monitoring the progress of projects, monitoring the reports of revenue collection and municipal forms, activating the jurisdiction of the municipal council in the field of quality control of project implementation, social justice in spreading projects and the speed of their implementation, and not to limit projects for specific institutions.
The workshop aims to build effective partnership with the municipal councils in the field of promoting the values of integrity and fighting corruption and activating its monitoring role in the field of implementation and quality of projects, in which a number of members of municipal councils participated in the regions, cities of the Kingdom.
This workshop is a continuation of the second phase of the "Watanna Amanah" program, which is supervised by the commission in cooperation with the emirates of the regions, which aim to promote the values of citizenship and promote a culture of integrity and fighting corruption.