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Nazaha holds a workshop in cooperation with the UNODC to review implementation of the United Nation Convention Against Corruption


Nazaha holds a regional workshop for contact points and governmental experts in cooperation with the UNODC to review the mechanism of the implementation of the United Nation's Convention Against Corruption for 4 days, starting from Monday until Thursday, 18-22 September 2017  in Riyadh.
The workshop is presented by specialists in crime prevention and criminal justice from the UN and a number of judges and consultants in the Kingdom. It will be attended by a number of experts, governmental specialist from GCC and Arab countries.
The workshop aims at capacity building of participants in the mechanisms of reviewing the implementation of UNCAC through providing participants with technical experience regarding the convention's provisions to qualify them to train on the national level, and identify the comprehensive list of self-evaluation and related guidelines.
This workshop comes as an application of what is stated in the National Strategy for Maintaining integrity and combating corruption and what was stated in the commission's statute in organizing conferences and seminars on transparency and fighting corruption.