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Conclusion of "role of healthcare practitioners in protecting integrity" Seminar


Seminar entitled "role of health practitioner in promoting integrity"   has concluded today  Monday 7/8/2017 which was held by Nazaha in Riyadh. It was inaugurated by H.E. Vice President of Nazaha for the Protection of Integrity Dr. Bandar bin Ahmed Abalkhail with the participation of a number of medical practitioners and specialists in the healthcare field in the private and public sectors.
H.E. Vice President of Nazaha for the Protection of Integrity Dr. Bandar bin Ahmed Abalkhail delivered a speech in the opening ceremony in which he reaffirmed the special care that the leadership is paying to the health sector and that is why it is on top of the fields to achieve vision 2030. He pointed out to the recent approval of the king on establishing a government holding company and five subsidiary companies owned by the Ministry of Health in the transitional phase, establishing a health insurance program, purchasing health services and prioritizing public health services in all regulations and legislation for disease control and prevention.
H.E. Abalkhail said that the support for this sector is strong and it requires the commitment of health practitioners to utilize the experience they have in contributing to the efficient use of available resources, and to provide health services  without discrimination and to adhere to the regulations and instructions and instructions on ethics of practice, and the disclosure of conflict of interests.  
H.E. also hoped that this seminar would achieve its goals, which will contribute in elevating the performance of this sector and to promote the values of integrity, transparency and fighting corruption. He also expressed his thanks to all the entities that participated for cooperation in the preparation for this seminar.
Topics enlisted in the two session were discussed and it included a discussion about concepts of integrity in healthcare sector and mechanisms of developing healthcare practices in protecting integrity.
First session was moderated by Prof. Tawfiq Khoja (Secretary General of Arab Hospitals Federation), with the participation of Mr. Ahmed Albishi (Legal Adviser in the Ministry of Health), Mr.Khaled Alotaibi (Assistant Director of Classification and Registration, Saudi Commission for Health Specialties), and Ms. Wafa Almutairi (Director of Patients Relations in Alhabib Hospital).  
Second session was moderated by Prof. Aayed Alqahtani (Director KSU Obesity Chair), with the participation of Mr.Bandar Alhazani (Head of Development of Policies and Procedures Department at Nazaha), Dr. Taghreed Al-Ghaith (Director of Healthcare Strategy, Council of Health Services), Mr. Marwan Alroogi (Director of Regulations and Compliance, Saudi Bar Association).
The seminar sessions were concluded with Q&A and a discussion that was moderated by sessions' chairs.
This seminar comes as an application of what is stated in the National Strategy for Maintaining integrity and combating corruption and what was stated in the commission's statute in organizing conferences and seminars on transparency and fighting corruption.