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Nazaha and Public Prosecution discuss aspects of cooperation to promote integrity and fight corruption


H.E. President of Nazaha Dr. Khaled bin Abdulmohsen Al-Muhaisen visited  the Public Prosecution to meet with  H.E. Sheikh Saud bin Abdullah Almojeb at his office in the Public Prosecution in Riyadh on Monday 17/7/2017, accompanying him were H.E. Vice President of Nazaha for the Protection of Integrity, Dr. Bandar bin Ahmed Abalkhail, and H.E. Vice President of Nazaha for fighting Corruption Mr. Abdulmohsen bin Mohammed Almunaif.
At the begininnig of the meeting H.E. Dr. Khaled Al-Muhaisen congratulated H.E. Saud Almojeb on the royal trust in appointing him as a Public Prosecutor. Aspects of continuous cooperation between Nazaha and the Public Prosecution were discussed, joint aims, work relations and coordination between the two entities were reviewed  in order to strengthen the kingdoms efforts in promoting integrity, transparency and fighting corruption. The meeting was attended by Deputy Public Prosecutor Dr. Abdulwahab bin Saud Alsudairi.