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Conclusion of the workshop entitled "The role of Internal Audit in promoting integrity"


The workshop entitled "The role of Internal Audit in promoting integrity" that Naaha organized has concluded today Monday 17/7/2017 in Riyadh, which inaugurated by H.E. Bandar Abalkhail on Sunday with the participation of internal audit units in government entities and internal control employees in public institutions and companies under the commission's jurisdiction.
H.E. Vice President of Nazaha for the Protection of Integrity Dr. Bandar bin Ahmed Abalkhail delivered a speech on this occasion said that the leadership has always stressed on the importance on internal audit in preserving public property and funds and that Nazaha since its establishment has been interested in the role of internal audit units in the entities under its jurisdiction and worked on that aspect, and one of the things that Nazaha has done is that it launched an E-platform which receives periodic reports from internal audit units under its jurisdiction, pursuant to the resolution of the Council of Ministers No.410 dated 22/9/1437 AH, which includes enabling external auditor of the government entity to review all the reports necessary for his job and follow up on the concerned departments and reply to his observations and questions as soon as possible.
H.E. stated in his stressed on the importance of internal audit units in any entity in order to achieve its goals by following a methodological and structured approach to evaluate and improve the efficiency of governance processes, risk management and control, and he considered as the watching eye of the higher management.
H.E. concluded his speech with the purpose of holding such workshop in highlighting the importance of internal audit role in promoting integrity in public and private sectors, enrich the themes of this workshop through open discussion and to make internal audit departments a symbol of integrity and transparency.
Topics were discussed through two sessions over two days. The topics covered included subjects internal audit standards, relationship between internal and external auditor and the higher management , the unified list of internal audit units in government entities and sheding the light on the E-platform which Nazaha launched. The two sessions were presented by Mr. Mohammed Alabbas (Mmeber of Shura Council), Mr. Khaled Alarifi (Financial Affairs Governor's Assistant, Public Pension Agency), Mr. Mr.Khaled Alzmami, (Internal Auditor in the Arab Satellite Communications Organization "ARABSAT"), Mr.Bandar Alhazani, (Head of the Development of Policies and Procedures Department at Nazaha). The sessions were concluded with open discussion moderated by Mr. Abdulrahman Alajlan, (Director General of Promoting Integrity Department at Nazaha).
This workshop comes as an application of what is stated in the National Strategy for Maintaining integrity and combating corruption, in contributing, to promote regional and international cooperation and to benefit from international experience of governmental and non-governmental entities in the field of protecting integrity and fighting corruption through organizing conferences and seminars on transparency and fighting corruption.