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An ambitious era and country..


In a historic event that reflects the stability and prosperity of this country, King Salman issued royal decrees that culminated the appointment of HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz as Crown Prince replacing HRH Prince Mohammed bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz which was the first one to pledge his allegiance in a political scene that reflects the stability, harmony and smooth transition of power in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
At this historic moment, the world witnessed the Saudi society which is loyal to its country and leadership in a celebrating scene where they pledged their allegiance and congratulated the Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques on choosing his royal highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman to be Crown Prince. On another note the society also thanked and appreciated HRH Prince Mohammed bin Nayef  on his national efforts which he exerted over the past years in the service of his religion, king and nation.
This occasion solidifies the national foundations and it reassures the future of this great country which we see that it has many young leaders such as HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman which contributed in leading the wheel of development effectively in a very short period of time and presented Saudi Vision (2030) which will lead the kingdom to the top of developed countries in the world through an economic equation that strengthens the national economy and strengthen its international status. In the political aspect HRH had many achievements through strengthening relations internationally, building partnerships with these countries on the basis of cooperation and strategic common interests for the sake of the stability of the world and to achieve international peace and security.
The positive changes happening in Saudi Arabia today is a great expression of the status of the kingdom and its aspirations for the future through empowering youth in essential positions in the building the country. HRH Mohammed bin Salman appointment proved that this country is stable in light of the historical, Islamic, economic,  and geographical elements which our beloved country is blessed with.