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Nazaha and the Ministry of Civil Services meet to discuss job code of conduct and ethics of public job in cooperation with the IPA


​In the attendance of H.E. Vice President of Nazaha for the Protection of Integrity Dr. Bandar bin Ahmed Abalkhail and H.E. Director of the Instituite of Public Administration Dr. Mshabib bin Ayed Alqahtani, H.E. Vice Minister of Civil Services Mr. Abdullah bin Ali Almlfi inaugurated on Tuesday morning the introductory meeting of the code of conduct and ethics of public job, which is executed by Ministry of Civil Services and the National Anti-Corruption Commission in cooperation with IPA and King Salman Conferences Center.
The meeting aims at highlighting the code of conduct and ethics of public job issued by the council of ministers, resolution No. (555), and to discuss ways to activate and apply it.
H.E. Dr. Bandar Abalkhail delivered a speech on this occasion, in which he expressed Nazah's gratitude and thanks to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques on the issuance of the council of ministers approval of the code of conduct and ethics of public job. H.E. said: the kingdom and since its foundation by King Abdulaziz and it has based its laws on Shariah law. It also issued several laws and regulations that criminalize corruption and fights it, and established entities related to promoting integrity and fighting corruption. One of which is the National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha), and the leadership never stopped supporting those entities. That shows the determination of the leadership to eradicate corruption from its roots and to apply the laws against all who break them. And to meet the recruitments of development in line with 2030 vision.
H.E. Also pointed out that  the code of conduct and ethics of public job is considered as a one of the pillars of promoting the aspects of integrity of the public employee. It also aims to establish ethical standards and promotes the trust between the employee and also clarifies the duties of the employee and frames the relationship between employee and others. This will lead to the spread of values and ethical principles to protect integrity, transparency and accountability. This code of conduct is compatible with the UNCAC which emphasized on the role that code of conduct does in the field of fighting corruption, and that state parties should prepare codes of conduct to ensure that government employee will execute work assigned to him.
During the meeting topics were discussed through three main sessions. The first was entitled "definition of code of conduct and ethic of public job" and it was chaired by undersecretary of the Ministry of Civil Services for planning and Human Resources Mr. Abduaid allah bin Hamdan Alsnaa, and will participate in it the legal consultant in the ministry Mr. Qasem bin Ahmed Alahmri. The second session will be entitled "Implications of the breach of duties contained in the Code", chaired by the Director General for the Promotion of Integrity in the National Anti-Corruption Commission Mr. Abdulrahman bin Ahmed Al-Ajlan, and will participate in it Head of the Regulations and Laws Department in Nazaha Mr. Othman bin Suliman Al-Issam and the meeting will be concluded by a discussion session entitled  "best practices to implement the Code of Conduct"