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The fourth meeting of heads of anti-corruption entities in GCC countries in Riyadh


The fourth meeting heads of anti-corruption entities in GCC countries was held at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council in Riyadh on Monday 8/5/2017. It was chaired by Bahrain, attended by H.E. president of Nazaha Dr. Khaled bin Abdulmohsen Al-Muhaisen. Subjects related to protecting ntegrity and fighting corruption were discussed, including the guiding law for the protection of public money in the GCC and the guiding principles for improving efficiency and performance in protecting integrity and anti-corruption  entities and the recommendations of the gulf workshop on international experiences in measuring integrity and transparency and its effect on general policies of fighting corruption. The meeting also discussed the opinions and suggestions of anti-corruption entities and the excellence for the ideal employee, the guide code of conduct proposal, feasibility study of creating a GCC perception index, and arrange visits to of anti-corruption entities representatives to the International Center for Sports Security in Qatar, and the mechanisms in organizing awareness events held simultaneously with the international anti-corruption day, also contribute with anti-corruption entities in regional and international events.
It is worth mentioning that this meeting comes as an application of what was stated in the National Strategy for Maintaining integrity and combating corruption regarding contributing with efforts, to promote regional and international cooperation and to benefit from international experience of governmental and non-governmental entities  in the field of protecting integrity and fighting corruption through organizing conferences and seminars on transparency and fighting corruption.