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In cooperation with IPA: the launch of Fighting Corruption Diploma for employees in government control entities


In cooperation with Institute of Public Administration the National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha) will implement a training program entitled "Fighting Corruption Diploma", according to the highest standards in establishing fighting corruption training programs, which will be for a full year starting next year 2017/2018.
This course aims to provide employees in control entities which are under the jurisdiction of the commission, with the necessary skills and knowledge in the field of promoting transparency, protecting integrity and fighting corruption so as to achieve Saudi Vision 2030, and the goals of the National Strategy of Maintaining Integrity and Fighting Corruption.
This program comes as one of a number of training programs that Nazaha is implementing in cooperation with other entities including  IPA, and pursuant to Nazaha's statute in organizing training programs on transparency, integrity and fighting corruption. 
It is worth mentioning that Fighting Corruption Diploma has been approved recently by the Ministry of Civil Services and it gives an extra grade, for those who complete the program successfully, on the level they are in.