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Nazaha: Imprisonment for a notary who forged document of ownership of a land


The National Anti-corruption Commission  spokesman Abdulrahman Al-Alajlan said that Nazaha has received a report from a citizen which states that he bought a land and then found out later that the document of ownership issued by a notary public in Tabuk was forged. It became clear that the notary public completed the selling procedures of the land multiple of times without the presence of its original owner.
Al-Ajlan added that Nazaha has taken legal procedures and referred the case to the Control and Investigation Board and followed up on it. A verdict has been issued to imprison him for two years by the administrative court for forgery and using an editor forger and also to imprison two other employees in the same department, one for two years and the other for a year. And the sentence was upheld by the court of Appeal.  The commission has followed this case with the cooperation of the Ministry of Justice , which issued its decision to fire this notary public.
Nazaha calls on all citizens to reports to it any administrative or financial corruption.