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Nazha: investigations in the paid compensations for a an official in the Ministry of Transportation in Najran and a group of his relatives for the amount of 14 Million Riyals


The National Anti-Corruption Commission revealed a number of administrative and financial irregularities, and exploitation of position influence in the expropriation of a number of real estate by one of an official working in the ministry of transportation branch in Najran region which resulted in obtaining a compensation for this expropriation of his property unlawfully for more than (2000000) 2 Million Riyals. Also getting his relatives to obtain compensations for more than (12000000) 12 Million Riyals for constructing King Abdullah's and Prince Meshael bin Saud Road in  Najran.
Nazaha spokesman Abdulrahman Al-Ajlan said that the commission received a report claiming that there were irregularities and abuses to the law of expropriation of property, and that there was exploitation of position by one official in the ministry of transportation branch in Najran. Nazaha has referred this case to the  Bureau of Investigation and  Prosecution in preparation for it to be submitted to the court.
Al-Ajlan noted that a committee was previously formed by the request of the governor of Najran consisting of a number of government entities to investigate other irregularities relating to inventory of property for a citizen in King Abdullah's road in Najran. With investigation it was apparent that a number of employees were involved in fraud, misuse of administrative obligation, and negligence. Their cases were referred to investigation authorities.
In conclusion Al-Ajlan said that Nazaha is stressing on the principle of transparency, protecting integrity and fighting corruption in all its forms. Al-Ajlan also stressed on  the importance of the cooperation with the commission by all citizens and residents in reporting any case of financial or administrative corruption. The commission would like also to thank all government entities that cooperate with it in its endeavor.