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Irregularities in the reform and expansion of Dammam- Jubail Highway


The National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha) detected irregularities in an undergoing project for the reform and expansion of Dammam- Jubail highway.
According to Nazaha spokesman, Abdulrahman Al-Ajlan, Nazaha has commissioned a number of specialists to visit the site for investigation and it has found several irregularities, including, not perfecting the inclines for drainage system which could lead to the accumulation of water, the presence of potholes and cracks in the road, as well as the poor supervision by the concerned department in the Ministry of Transport on the work of the contractor preventive maintenance. Also, there was no engineer to supervise its implementation.
The project includes two phases. The first phase costs 59 Million Riyal and the other phase costs 83 Million Riyals. The project consists of reforming the road in both directions, with an addition to a fourth lane and an internal shoulder, constructing a concrete barrier along the way, and reconstructing the other lanes, and install traffic signs and road studs.
Nazaha has asked the ministry of Transport to investigate these irregularities and to identify those responsible and require the contractor to address these irregularities in implementation to ensure the safety of people using this road.
Finally, the spokesman stressed on the importance of the cooperation with the commission by all citizens in reporting any case of financial or administrative corruption.