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Arresting an Official from Eastern Province Municipality & Others for Bribery.


The Eastern Province Municipality's Urban Planning Manager and other collaborators have been arrested, the manager and his collaborators took bribes to perform tasks that fall within their job duties. In details, The National Anti-corruption Commission (Nazaha) Clarified that a citizen (Whistleblower) reported the incident, explaining how the Manager asked for money as bribery to accredit real estate schemes, which is a clear contravention to the rules and regulations followed.
Based on the jurisdiction of the Commission set forth in its regulations which requires combating financial and administrative corruption, receiving reports from citizens of actions related to corruption then validating them and taking the necessary action, the source pointed out the Commission provided enough information on the incident to the specialist inspection authority, consequently those involved in the case have been monitored and tracked and then caught red-handed. Strong evidence and documents have shown that the Manager and a Municipality Survey Department Engineer asked for bribes. Also, investigations revealed that pressure was used by the mentioned Manager and others with him to force the owners of real estate schemes and real estate development companies to pay bribes or listing him as a shareholder in order to get a license for their schemes, in addition to that, some individuals from outside the Municipality whom are working for a real estate service office worked for him as a cover, where citizens force to write checks with the bribery money bearing their names on them, and then transferring them to his personal accounts (8 accounts) in local banks. The gap was clear between the amount of money deposit and his salary, the amount of confirmed bribery taken by him was (6,300,000) six million and three hundred thousand Saudi Riyals. Also, the Manager used to perform fraud and forgery in documents relating to approvals of real estate schemes accreditation to mislead the officials of their validity. The Manger mentioned above and his collaborators and the ones whom used to cover him have been charged with crimes of bribery, forgery and manipulation, they were arrested and suspended and referred to the competent court.
The Commission (Nazaha) urged the citizens to report any similar operations, and to not respond to any pressure they face in the same matter when visiting any government sector, and to give a helping hand in detecting corrupted individuals and bringing them down.