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Imprisonment, fine and deportation for a resident who was counterfeiting certificates in different fields


Riyadh Administrative Court imprisoned and fined  a nurse from an Arab nationality working in one of the Ministry of Health’s hospitals in Riyadh. Following a report received on the commission’s website regarding counterfeiting CPR certificates and other languages and computing certificates.
Nazaha spokesman Abdulrahman Al-Ajlan said that the judicial ruling involves imprisonment for one year, a fine of (10000) Riyals and to deport him after the end of his sentence and prohibit him from entering the kingdom.   
Al-Ajlan added that the Administrative investigation caught him red-handed following a letter from the commission to the General Investigation Directorate to investigate the case and do the procedure required of detaining him. After capturing him the case was referred to the Board of Investigation and Prosecution which presented it to the Administrative Court for the final ruling.
Al-Ajlan said the commission is stressing on the principle of transparency, protecting integrity and fighting corruption in all its forms, in accordance with its national strategy for protecting integrity and fighting corruption, and its regulation. Al-Ajlan also stressed on  the importance of the cooperation with the commission by all citizens and residents in reporting any case of financial or administrative corruption on the means it provided for reporting. The commission would like also to thank all government entities that cooperate with it in fighting corruption.