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Speech of the President of Nazaha on King Salman’s one year anniversary


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia nowadays celebrates the first anniversary of allegiance-pledge the Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. He was always been present in the decision making circle nationally and internationally since 50 years ago. We recall his majesty’s speech after ascending to the throne in which he stressed that we will continue by the grace of Allah and His strength to cling to the sound course followed by the state since its inception at the hands of the founder late King Abdulaziz and his late sons after him, and we will never deviate from it as our Constitution is the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Prophet peace be upon him and We will continue in this country - that Allah has honored with choosing it as the platform for His message and the Qibla of Muslims - our march in exerting all that boosts unity and the defense of our nation's causes, guided by the teachings of the true Islamic religion which Allah has chosen for us as it is the religion of peace, mercy and moderation, and there is no place or tolerance for extremism or corruption in the country. He also ordered to review control entities in the country to ensure their jurisdiction and promote their responsibilities in order to preserve public funds, and ensure accountability for the negligence.
I cannot count on this occasion all the achievements but it is necessary to highlight some of his directives which suit the new era the kingdom is living and are compatible with the political and security facts internationally and regionally. Some of the most important directives are his keen interest in supporting the development of all government entities through the enactment of regulations and build a state of institutions in all fields. He cancelled a number of committees and councils and created two new committees to manage day-to-day affairs, the Council for Political and Security Affairs and the Council for Economic and Development Affairs. This decision was made in order to avoid duplication of the objectives and work