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Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC) asks the Ministry of Labor to correct the situations at the Labor office in Riyadh.


The ACC has followed what has been published in one of the local media, on the suffering of the auditors of the labor office in Riyadh, and it has conducted the necessary within its competencies in accordance with the terms set out in the regulation thereof, and has checked the conditions of the office and interviewed some of the employees, and auditors, and came out with some notes regarding irregularity of work, and the need to re-examine the flow of work actions, the clarity of the instructions, and putting them in  a notable place, in line with the articles of the National Strategy to protect Integrity and combat Corruption, in clause (2/e) thereof, in a way that  ensure helping the auditors properly, along with the significance of utilizing new technology, and the internet to organize the times of auditors reception, whom the ACC noticed they come to the office at 5:00 am, and carry out their work irregularly, and sit as per precedence of attendance on waiting chairs, some of which are improper, although there are better ways to organize the attendees and offering the service, as well as ordering the auditors and their waiting.

It has also been noted that the office has no branches in Riyadh, as for the services offices, like civil status, passports, Notary Office despite the significant need of such thing for the labor Office, which in turn facilitates the services offered to the nationals, along with reducing the traffic congestion, in addition to noticing the availability of enough parking lots for the auditors’ cars, hence creating traffic jams in the surroundings of the office.

The ACC has sent its notes to his highness Minster of labor, requesting the implementation of the articles of National Strategy to protect Integrity and combat Corruption, regarding monitoring the work approaches and procedures, in the bodies working within the competencies of the ACC, in order to determine the points of weakness that may lead to corruption, and dealing therewith, and that includes  choosing the officials of the executive departments in direct contact with the public, of those who are qualified, and can deal properly with the auditors. As well as urging the departments’ managers to finalize the dealings of the public and to observe the employees so that they do not put the obstacles in the way of these dealings.