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Al –Sharif stresses the role of citizens in combating corruption


On the Occasion of the International Anti-corruption Day.

Al –Sharif stresses the role of citizens in combating corruption

His Excellency Mr Muhammad Bin Abdullah Al-Sharif, President of the Anti-Corruption Commission has stressed the role of the citizens through active participation to combat and fight corruption, and the importance of increasing public awareness of corruption ,its techniques and dangerous consequences and impact on society.

In his speech on the occasion of the International Anti-corruption Day, dated on the Ninth of December every year(corresponding this year to Friday 14 Muharram 1432H), Al-Sharif has confirmed the significant role of a citizen ,his responsibility ,either a government, and non-government, in the context of strengthening the values of integrity, transparency, as well as mobilizing the spirit of citizenship for the purpose of construction and cultivation of the nation, showing that the organizational structure of the Anti-Corruption Commission stresses the importance of encouraging citizens and residents to work hand-in-hand with it to confront this menace.

Choosing the ninth of December comes in pursuant of the UN General Assembly decree regarding naming this day of every year as, International Anti-corruption Day, for the purpose of enhancing the public awareness of such menace, and highlighting the role of UN Convention against Corruption in such matter, and proceeding from the approval of UN Convention against Corruption and opening signing thereon in the conference held on 9th of December 2003 by virtue of decree No57/169.